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Valerie G

Valerie G

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20 - OCT -2023


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Valerie G


Valerie is a talented tech house music DJ and producer with an unmatched passion for creating hypnotic beats and captivating melodies. With a career spanning several years, he has managed to stand out in the electronic music scene thanks to his unique style and unmatched energy in each performance.

From her early days exploring electronic music, Valerie G demonstrated an innate talent for mixing and creating immersive atmospheres on stage. Her deep love for tech house led her to perfect her art, fusing elements of classic house music with avant-garde influences, achieving a distinctive and energetic sound.

Throughout her career, Valerie G has performed in some of the clubs around the world. His presence on stage is magnetic, transporting the audience to a unique sound journey and making them dance non-stop. His ability to read the crowd and his impeccable track selection guarantee an unforgettable experience at each of his performances.

In addition to being an accomplished DJ, Valerie G has also proven her talent in the recording studio. Their exclusive musical versions have been acclaimed by artists on the scene and have managed to be heard by various audiences.

With tireless dedication to her craft and a passion for taking her music to new horizons, Valerie G has become a benchmark within the tech house genre. Its commitment to excellence and its constant search for new forms of artistic expression keep it in constant evolution and ensure it a prominent place in the electronic scene.

Whether in the studio or on stage, Valerie G continues to surprise and delight her audiences with her unmistakable sound and her ability to create magical moments with every performance. With each set, he strives to connect with his audience, leaving a lasting imprint on the minds and hearts of those who listen to him.